About Me

I have close to 20 years of experience developing custom software solutions and building client relationships. Armed with a sound technical skill set, I guide clients through complex software development and GIS technology decisions from conceptual design to software implementation.

  • Career GIS software developer. ESRI ArcGIS Server web-based systems, ArcGIS Desktop extensions / add-ins, and ArcEngine stand-alone applications.
  • Microsoft  C# .NET developer. Desktop applications, web-based systems, Windows services, web services, multithreading, object oriented architecture.
  • Open Source GIS developer. Contribute to the SharpMap open source GIS component as a developer. Proponent of Linux GIS solutions using Ubuntu, Geoserver, OpenLayers, PostgreSql/PostGIS, etc.
  • Strong emphasis on estimation, requirements, design, and overall project management using software development best practices.
  • Experienced in implementing and administering software development lifecycle systems; including source control, continuous integration, automated builds, issue tracking, coding standards, and unit testing.

arwenvaughan [at] gmail [dot] com